Beyond the Textbook

Have you discovered any great alternative text resources to use with your students? Share them here.


Use the example below as a template.

(1989, August). Cobblestone, 10.
Summary: This magazine covers the topic of environmentalism. Articles include a Native American perspective, great quotations, and biographies of environmentalists such as Rachel Carson and John Muir.

Favorite Part: Page 33 –
“The balance of nature is built of a series of interrelationships between living things. You can’t just step in with some brute force and change one thing without changing a good many others.” Rachel Carson

Connection to Instruction: I’d use this quotation during an ecology unit to elicit student discussion about the local development that is going on in our community. The quotation could also be used during our simulated oil spill activity.

Use of Literacy Strategies:
  • cause/effect graphic organizer would fit with the quote
  • develop anticipation guide on personal feelings towards environmentalism

I just wanted to write a quick note to all you science people- Make sure you check out the math section because there are some links to great websites that you could use in your classrooms as well! ~Tracy